6 alternative Challenge Coin designs you didn’t expect to see

Challenge Coins may have a strong military history but they’re now given to people in a variety of industries and services to recognise their allegiance, commitment, and hard work. These six Challenge Coins were commissioned for reasons you might not expect.

1. Police Medics

Police Medics work locally and nationally to care for casualties and save lives, whether they’re police, the public, or offenders. As well as being trained police officers they are experienced first aiders and can deliver initial life-saving care until paramedics arrive.

This coin was created by Challenge Coins UK for a group of Police Medics in the UK. 

2. 150 years of shipbuilding

Not all Challenge Coins are coin shaped. This 5 inch coin designed to commemorate 150 years of shipbuilding at Barrow-in-Furness is one of the most detailed pieces we’ve ever seen. On the front it depicts BAE Systems’ shipbuilding yard in Barrow, which has been building Royal Navy ships and submarines since 1871, and the reverse includes some of their most famous and impressive vessels, including the HMS Triumph.

3. Bomb disposal unit

This coin was created for an unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk mitigation consultancy, responsible for safe explosives disposal both at home and abroad. The coin includes the organisation’s branded colours and a three-dimensional logo, and the reverse of the design includes their values of knowledge, professionalism, and integrity.

4. The National Wildlife Crime Unit

You may not have heard of this small UK police unit but they do a very important job. The NWCU investigates crimes against wildlife, including illegal trade of endangered and protected species, the destruction of habitats and nests, and poaching. This coin acknowledges the unit’s use of technology in their investigations.

5. NHS Covid response

We’ve created several Challenge Coins to mark key workers’ contribution throughout the pandemic. This coin was created for staff from Stockport COPD and Oxygen Service, who provide vital care and treatment to people with a variety of lung diseases.

6. Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Challenge Coins have become very popular with the emergency services in the UK. This coin was designed and produced for Thames Valley Air Ambulance, a non-profit organisation saving lives by air and land throughout Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, and Oxfordshire. The team includes paramedics, doctors and pilots. This coin features one of their helicopter air ambulances.

Challenge Coins can be created for any team, doing anything, anywhere! These six examples show how diverse and meaningful the designs can be. To get started, talk to us about your team or organisation.