Challenge Coins

In the three years we’ve been trading, Challenge Coins UK has supplied over 80,000 coins to units from all across the Armed Forces and Emergency Services in the UK and around the world.

Proudly veteran owned, we’re setting the standard for challenge coins in the UK with our attention to detail, customer service and a stunning end product. Use the get started button below to make contact and you’ll have a quote within 24 hours!


Challenge Coins

We have a simple and transparent pricing structure for our coins. We don’t charge extra for different coin finishes as there are so many to choose from! The most popular finishes are gold and silver, however if you’re unsure which to choose, we can advise as to what would look best.

Size 0 – 49 50 – 99 100 – 199 200 – 299 300 – 499 500+
£8.00 £5.50 £5.00 £4.50 £3.95
£8.75 £6.50 £5.75 £5.00 £4.25

Spoof Coins

Pricing is for sets of three, two sided 28mm coins where the design is consistent across all three coins. The coins come in a drawstring pouch. Mix and match the surface finish bronze/silver/gold at no extra cost. Please contact us if you would like pricing for sets where more than two moulds are required.

 50 – 99 100 – 299 300 – 499 500+
Per Set £9.00 £7.50 £6.00 £5.00

Optional Extras

Want your coin to be a limited edition? No problem!

All our coins can be individually numbered to make them even more special and exclusive. Below is the pricing for some of our optional extras.