UK Police Challenge Coins

We work with such an interesting customer base from a vast array of backgrounds including military, the police force, local governments, the NHS, corporate businesses, and many more- several of whom have noteworthy Challenge Coin collections of their very own. We thought it would be a great idea to chat to some of our personal customers about the favourite coins in their collection and learn anecdotes about them, to share with you.

Duncan, from UK Police Challenge Coins has an impressive collection containing an estimated 600 challenge coins. He acquired his first challenge coin whilst working with a command team during the London Olympics. He recalls “they kept putting a coin on the desks to ‘challenge’ who would make the coffee. Because I didn’t have a coin to produce, I always ended making them.” This inspired Duncan to hunt a coin out so that he could challenge others to make me a coffee for a change!

Following this, after working alongside the US Secret Service during a POTUS visit, Duncan obtained several coins from them as keepsakes and as a token of their appreciation. He didn’t realise how sought after some of them were until a special agent asked to see what he had and was rather envious of his collection…
The eldest coins in Duncan’s collection are from the United States Secret Service Counter Sniper Team, originally made in late 80’s but his favourite is the newer version, it has a clear rifle optic going through the coin. Upon receiving this, it was the first time he had seen anything other than a plain round piece of painted metal. Super impressive.

The most valuable challenge coin in his collection is the CIA Director coin which is worth around £2000. This coin is sought after as the director wasn’t in this post for very long. The rarest challenge coin in his collection is the USSS HAMMER team coin, there were only 100 ever made. Duncan has a USSS Counter Sniper coin that is only issued to the team members. Currently, he is in possession of Vice President of the USA Kamala Harris’ personal coin! He would love to collect more of the USSS Specialist Operations Challenge coins including: CAT, Counter Sniper and HAMMER to add to the ones he already has.

Duncan is apart of a number of Facebook groups and has contacts who he trades with around the world, his collection is ever changing and his struggles to catalogue his collection because of this! His platform on Instagram has helped with his collection as this is where a lot of his trade requests come from.

Duncan has already designed three coins with Challenge Coins UK, for his own team, and is currently planning a fourth with us. He has them created so his team have something to gift and trade with their counterparts both within UK and Internationally. We think this is a great idea, challenge coins are the ideal sentiment and we love being apart of inspiring and rewarding others.

Check out Duncan’s instagram to see his extraordinary collection @uk_police_challenge_coins