Rewarding our key workers: Custom recognition coins for staff working through the pandemic

The pandemic has been a major challenge for all of us, most of all key workers. People across the UK have kept working through lockdowns, PPE, and infection hotspots to provide essential functions and services, from doctors, nurses, and paramedics, to delivery drivers, supermarket workers, carers, and thousands of volunteers.

Even though these jobs have always been hugely valuable, Coronavirus has put them under the spotlight and made us all reflect on how much we rely on them.

The list of key workers is much longer than most of us imagine. We all initially picture healthcare workers, teachers, the emergency services, and supermarket workers, but key workers also include people working in farming, public transport, utilities, local councils, food supply chains, childcare, maintenance and repair, the armed forces, and much more. Any role or industry that keeps Britain working is classed as essential.

Custom recognition coins designed for key workers

There are lots of ways to thank key workers. One of them is our custom recognition coins which can be made specifically to reward staff for their services throughout the pandemic. They’re individually designed and can be created especially for a specific team or role, made from quality materials so they can be treasured for decades, and they’re extremely affordable too.

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At Challenge Coins UK we’ve been working at full speed since the start of the pandemic. We produce quality recognition coins for emergency services, healthcare workers, and all other categories of key workers to say thank you.

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