Can civilians buy Challenge Coins?

It’s often assumed that challenge coins are reserved purely for the armed forces, military personnel, and veterans. While they have a long history with the armed forces, they can be designed for a variety of purposes and civilians can order them too.

At Challenge Coins UK we’ve created coins for the emergency services, sports teams, defence companies, corporate businesses, and the next generation of service people.

The emergency services

Just like the armed forces, working in the emergency services involves camaraderie, sacrifice, and providing vital public services.

We’ve created challenge coins for the NHS, Irish coast guard, and specific UK police forces and units, including Staffordshire Police’s Forensic Investigation Unit, Police Scotland’s Close Protection Officers, Dorset Police, Hertfordshire Constabulary, and many more. Our coins have commemorated specific dates, events, achievements, and the emergency services’ response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve even created a coin for an American firefighter on exchange with Surrey Fire Service.

Sports teams

Both emergency services and armed forces sports teams have commissioned challenge coins to celebrate their achievements. We’ve designed coins for the North East Fire & Rescue Boxing Squad and England Police Rugby FC.


Challenge coins can be created for cadets and young people in training, including Air Cadets, Sea Cadets, Army Cadets, and Volunteer Corps. These coins are an important memento for the next generation whether they join the armed forces full time or not, marking their achievements and the completion of their training.

Defence companies and corporations

We regularly work with defence companies and corporate businesses, including Amazon, Brimstone, MBDA, and defence industry exhibitions such as Defence iQ and DSEI.

Design your civilian challenge coin now

We’re a veteran-owned challenge coin company and all our coin designs are custom and unique, whether they’re designed for civilians or the armed forces. Start creating your design today by providing our team with information about what it will commemorate, who for, and any specific design features you want to see.

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