We are the UK’s leading custom coins and challenge coins companies, offering unrivalled quality, attention to detail and customer service.

We offer an extensive range of products including coins, spoof coin sets, coins, PVC and embroidered patches, customised coin displays and shield plaques. We can do custom shaped coins too, they don’t have to be round!

Our product range offers customisation and personalisation as well display accessories.

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Challenge Coins

With origins in the military, challenge coins are now used across all sectors.

Whether you’re recognising service or celebrating a significant anniversary, corporate awards and recognition they are the perfect commemorative piece.

Coin Accessories

Accessories like gift boxes make a challenge coin go from a coin in a capsule, to an ideal award or gift to replace bulky and impersonal trophies.

Our presentation boxes add luxury and can be branded internally at no extra cost on orders of over 50, they come with an internal notch as standard so coins can be displayed upright.

Spoof Coins

Spoof is a game played commonly in the navy and marines, with each player having three coins, usually one bronze, one silver, and one gold.

Customised Coin Displays

If you’ve got a collection of coins from across your time in the forces, emergency services or career, don’t leave them in a drawer!

Customised Coin Displays


Patches can be embroidered or PVC dependant on your preferences for official and uniform purposes as well as commemorative patches.

Shield Plaques

A staple within messes, wooden shields are an old favourite. The shields we supply have designs printed on acrylic blocks to ensure colouring is vibrant and lines are sharp.

shield plaques