5 occasions and events to mark with a Commemorative Coin

Challenge Coins and Commemorative Coins are a unique and memorable way to mark an event, achievement, or anniversary, especially for the Armed Forces and Emergency ServicesChallenge Coins UK has supplied over 180,000 coins to units from the UK and around the world. These are some of the events and occasions our customers have marked with their Commemorative Coins.

A conference

The G7 Summit was hosted in Cornwall in 2021, meaning Devon and Cornwall Police played a vital role in event security and surveillance. We produced a G7 Cornwall Commemorative Coin specifically for police officers and emergency services involved in the international event.

Some events and conferences are much smaller than the G7 but no less significant. We also created this Commemorative Coin to mark 100 years of The Police Superintendents’ Association in 2020.

Years of service

Challenge Coins and Commemorative Coins can mark someone’s career or commitment to a particular unit or cause. These bronze, silver, and gold coins mark 5, 10, and 15 years’ exemplary service in the police.

Retirement can also be marked with a Commemorative Coin. This coin for Kent Fire and Rescue was designed for a retiring firefighter to mark their years of service.

A historical operation or event

This Commemorative Coin produced for a Parachute Regiment veteran marks Operation Tonga, the British 6th Airborne Division’s codename for the D-Day Landings of 6 June 1944. The coin was sold to raise money for airborne charities.

An anniversary

You may not have heard of this small UK police unit but they do a very important job. The NWCU investigates crimes against wildlife, including illegal trade of endangered and protected species, the destruction of habitats and nests, and poaching. This coin acknowledges the unit’s use of technology in their investigations.

A World Record Attempt

In 2020 we created a coin for former soldier, adventurer, and author Jordan Wylie, who attempted to be the first person in the world to Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) around Great Britain, completing over 2,000 miles of paddling in total. Jordan used The Great British Paddle to raise funds for Frontline Children.

We produce stunning Commemorative Coins for the Armed Forces, Emergency Services, private companies, and more. Tell us about your event today and we’ll talk you through the manufacturing process, timescales, and pricing.