How to design a commemorative challenge coin

At Challenge Coins UK we never use pre-set design templates – every challenge coin we create is unique and specific to the customer. This is our guide to designing a memorable challenge coin for your unit or organisation that they’ll want to treasure for years to come.

Choose any occasion or achievement to mark

An anniversary. A retirement. A memorial. A significant event. Challenge coins are appropriate for any occasion or notable achievement, or simply just to say thank you. Our customers usually want to mark something and provide their team with a Meaningful, lasting and affordable souvenir.

We’ve created coins for Devon and Cornwall Police to mark their contribution to the June 2021 G7 Summit. If you need some inspiration, browse our full gallery to see all our previous designs.

How the design process works

Challenge coins go through several manufacturing stages, taking them from plain old metal to a really striking, unique design, before they’re sent out to our customers. Your custom design will be created using Computer-Aided Design (CAD), which is then used to create the mould for your coin. The coins are usually between 1.75 and 2 inches in size, but can be any size or shape you like.

Choose your extras

Presentation boxes and stands

Are you looking to take you coin up a level? We have a range of presentation options to do just that.


Make your coins even more unique with individual numbering. Every coin in your set will be given a unique number to show how many were manufactured and how limited it is. This is particularly special for small teams as we can even engrave names and ID numbers.

Edge engraving

Personalise your coins with each recipient’s name, rank, and number, or add an inscription, such as a Latin motto or quote.

Complex shapes

Our coins don’t all have to be round. We’ve created custom designs featuring rifles, submarines, and missiles.

Every coin created by Challenge Coins UK is fully bespoke and includes thorough design and manufacturing processes with dedicated support for each client. We are a veteran owned independent business, setting the standard for challenge coins within the British Armed Forces, Royal NavyRoyal Air Forceemergency services, and more.

Start designing your challenge coin today. Contact us for a quote.