Challenge Coin extras: How to customise your order

Every Challenge Coin is bespoke. We’ve created 180,000 Challenge Coins for the Armed Forces, Emergency Services and more, building a huge and diverse gallery of past designs. We design and manufacture each coin to your specific needs, creating something unique to your group or organisation.

As well as creating a bespoke design, you can also customise your order and choose from various extra features. Some coins include Latin mottos and inside jokes, others feature company logos, a specialised stand, or mark a specific date. Here are some examples to think about while you’re planning your Challenge Coin design.

Alternative shapes and sizes

Some Challenge Coins are a conventional coin shape but we can make any kind of complex shape at no extra charge. In the past we’ve created rectangles, submarine shapes, wings, daggers, helmets, gas masks, missiles, and more.

Our round Challenge Coins are available in either 1.75 inches or 2 inches but we can also create different sizes and thicknesses on request. We can also add numbering to the edge of the coin to show it’s serialised or limited edition, as well as add an edge engraving or inscription to individually personalise the coin with names, ranks, and numbers.

 Stands, plaques, and cases

Some prefer to carry their coins around with them or swap them for others, while other people like to keep them safe on a desk or on display. Shield plaques are also available mounted with a light, medium, or dark wooden finish. We can recreate your unit emblem, cap badge or crest in exact detail and vibrant, accurate colour.

Individual coins can be displayed on a floating or acrylic prop stand, which are both perfect for desks and display cabinets. Challenge Coins can also be handed out in display boxes as part of an awards ceremony or commemoration.

Our larger coin display stands are made in the UK from solid beech and can display approximately 30 Challenge Coins, which is ideal for anyone who has a vast collection or has collected many different coins throughout their career.

Different materials and finishes

Challenge Coins have a high quality metallic finish. The most common Challenge Coin finish is either gold or silver but there are many to choose from at no extra cost. When you submit your design ideas and preferences we’ll discuss which finish will look best with your coin.

Spoof coins are also available in sets of three 28mm coins with a bronze, silver or gold finish. In the past we’ve designed spoof coins to commemorate Royal Navy events and anniversaries and a United Nations field mission.

Poker chips and bottle openers

As well as Challenge Coins our customers can design poker chips and bottle openers for whatever occasion they want. We recently created a series of bottle openers for veterans of the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment and the Parachute Regiment. Our poker chips are made of durable plastic and have a faster turnaround time and cheaper price tag than the metallic Challenge Coins.

Whatever design, material, or detail you want for your Challenge Coin, we can provide it. Tell us about your idea today by phone or email and we’ll talk you through the process.