Commanding Officer Coin

Challenge Coins are a traditional and memorable way to honour military service, from the Royal Air Force to the Navy and the Marines. Military officers’ coins can mark a specific achievement, time served, a commendation, or allegiance to a particular military unit or office, helping other service people identify each other and even enabling them to swap and collect coins across borders and countries.

Commanding Officer Coin

Challenge Coins UK is veteran-owned and officially licensed by the Ministry of Defence. We can design and manufacture bespoke officers’ coins and Challenge Coins for any military unit or branch of the armed forces.

A brief history of military Challenge Coins

The true origin of Challenge Coins is unclear. Some trace officers’ coins back to Ancient Greece, when warriors would carry a coin to pay for their passage to the underworld. One of the most famous stories is of a British soldier captured in Germany during World War I who used his Challenge Coin to prove his identity to French allies, escaping execution.

Today, Challenge Coins are a symbolic mark of commitment and allegiance and carried with pride across the armed forces. These are some of the branches of the British armed forces we have created officers’ coins for.

The British Army

Our collection of fully bespoke Challenge Coins for the British Army includes many different individual units. Our vast amount of industry knowledge and military experience means we can create accurate, personal, and professional officers’ coins for any purpose or occasion.

In the past we have created coins for the First Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles, the Second Battalion Parachute Regiment, a commanding officers’ coin for the Fourth Regiment Royal Logistics Corp, and more.

The Royal Air Force

At Challenge Coins UK we’ve also produced many coins for the RAF and specific RAF stations like RAF Unsworth, Leeming, and Conningsby, and specific squadrons. These coins are usually emblazoned with the squadron’s crest, relevant Latin mottos, and specific aircrafts.

The Royal Navy

Our coins for the Royal Navy focus on specific vessels and submarines, roles within the Navy, and units. We have created custom coins for HMS Illustrious, the Maritime Cyber Unit, the Navy’s Aircraft Controllers, and HMS Sultan’s Field Gun Crew.

The Royal Marines

One of the Royal Navy’s fighting arms, the Royal Marines are an elite fighting force. Their coins have celebrated the Royal Marines’ School of Music, the Air Defence Troop, NSRC Hasler rehabilitation unit, and specific Marine operations.


The military is often a lifelong commitment, so Challenge Coins can also celebrate members of the armed forces at the beginning of their careers. We have produced coins for Chelmsford Sea Cadets, Oxfordshire Army Cadet Force, The Royal Navy’s Volunteer Cadet Corp, and cadet leadership courses.

Start designing your unit’s Challenge Coin now

Whatever branch of the armed forces, unit, or battalion you’re in, we can design bespoke officers’ coins the members will remember forever. The design and manufacturing process is fast and easy, just tell us what you want your design to include and we’ll provide a quote and timescale.